Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Dear GolfGym Friend,
I was watching the Golf Channel one night, and during a "Playing Lessons from the Pros" show, Craig Stadler said that he felt his legs played the most important role in his golf swing.

I think most golfers take their lower bodies for granted as related to golf. If you think about it, our lower bodies are the foundation for all our upper body movement and rotation. Without a firm and stable foundation, our upper body will not be as efficient as it can be. The legs are the pillars that help us stay balanced during the swing.

Not many of us go to the gym and perform squats on a regular basis...or at all. As we age, leg strength becomes more and more important. Squats help strengthen the quadraceps (front of the leg) and the glutes (backside). It is also important to strengthen the inner and outer thigh to help with stability given that the golf swing shifts weight from one side to the other. I don't mean a "sway", I mean a weight shift.

Exercise of the Month
The pictures below show some easy exercises using our PowerStance Loop. These exercises are simple, but will really "stimulate" those muscles that we don't regularily "stimulate". I normally put on some music with a good beat in order to keep a good cadence until my muscles burn....and they will. The great part is that the "burn" tells you that the exercises are really working. These pictures were taken in the gym at 5am, so please excuse the hair and the shadows in the background. (I feel better now that I told you that).

Start with the PowerStance Loop around each ankle and get in a good strong golf posture with your knees slightly bent.
Place your hands on your hips and step out to the right slightly wider than shoulder width. Take 20 steps to the right (or as many as you can in the space you have). Continue the exercise in the opposite direction in order to work both legs equally. Be sure to stay in balance as you move across the floor.

With the PowerStance Loop still around each ankle, get in a good strong golf posture.Place your hands out front as if you are holding a golf club. (in the picture I am squeezing one of our Squeasy Balls between my palms).Step out to the right and perform a half squat (down then up). Continue moving to the right and performing half squats.
After 15 - 20 steps and squats to the right, repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction to work both legs equally.

In this exercise, open your arms and hands as far out to the side as possible. Move across the floor as in the previous exercises with your knees slightly bent. Alternate opening and closing your hands and fingers on each step. Try to stretch out your fingers as far as you can.

If you perform these exercises regularily you will definitely build a stronger base in your stance.
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Good Luck & Good Golfing
Ken Pierce
The GolfGym Guy


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