Saturday, October 30, 2010

Comment on a Comment

Recently, one of our valued readers posted a comment on one of our blog posts that showed Joey performing 2 exercises on the Balance Ball.

The exact comment was: "How many times are you guys gonna show the same exercise? We've see this balance ball routine ten times already! Give us something new! And what happened with JOEY D and all his from the road updates? All you guys do is try to sell us stuff now. I miss the behind the scenes stuff. Just saying".
Richard M., Valdota, GA

Richard, I thank you for your comment. It indicates that you are a consistent reader and we value that....seriously.

The only thing I will dispute is that we are always trying to sell stuff. We offer exercises for golfers to help their game performance. Some of the exercises require stuff to do them properly. We just offer a place to get the tools if they choose. Sometimes we just want to let our readers in on some great news we want to share.

You also mentioned Joey and news from the Tour (behind the scenes). Well....the scenes have changed to a more permanent location....right here in Jupiter, Florida and the GolfGym Academy we have developed. Joey is now spending more time with his family, not 40 weeks on the road each year, and working with many golfers from all around the country including many Tour Pros that come to visit the Academy.

We have been shooting lots of exercises on video and posting it on YouTube and on our website. We encourage everyone to visit the website for the content....not necessarily to buy something, although a large part of our business is offering the best tools available, used by the best players in the world. (all the GolfGym products are standard equipment on the PGA Tour fitness trailers).

Richard, I have taken your comment seriously and will start to post more of the videos we shoot with our students in the Academy. You can see them all on the website

Thank you all for your continued support.

Oh! By the way, GolfGym and D1 Athletic is sponsoring George, "The Animal" Slupski in the ReMax Long Drive Championships starting next week. The finals are next weekend. You can see some of his prep work in the previous post.

All the best to all our readers. Thank you again for your support.

Ken Pierce
President, GolfGym

p.s. We didn't show that exercise 10 times....only 3 times in 4 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing my comment, Ken. Wish you guys the best.

I was turned on to the blog last year when a friend associated with the Tour shared with me Joey's tales from the road.

I found the behind the scenes and inside look at the Tour very fascinating and appreciated how Joey was taking time to write from the road. It gave great insight to what the players went through off the course and their efforts to keep physically fit.

I was especially interested in hearing about Tom Pernice Jr., being we're the same age and his work ethic seems tremendous for an older guy.

Out of nowhere it seemed your site went from Joey's inside the ropes tales to a site that only wanted to sell merchandise and to talk about those lesser known folks who frequent your Florida facility.

I own my own business and can understand what you guys are doing. I just wish you'd get back to more scoop from the Tour. No other blogs had that type of access, though there are a bunch of other sites that sell golf items.

Wishing you, Joey and your team the best and hopefully I can visit your wonderful facility sooner than later.

Thank you for your time and please let Joey know that his blogs are missed! He had a very enjoyable and informative writing style and it's what turned me on to Golf Gym in the first place.

Richard Martin
Valdosta, GA

5:20 PM  
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