Monday, February 09, 2009 talks golf fitness with Joey D...

Check out this commentary from's Brian Wacker, who interviewed Joey D over the weekend regarding golf fitness and its impact on recent Tour winners and competitors!

FIT TO WIN: John Rollins didn't win the Buick Invitational on Sunday, but it wasn't for lack of commitment. A lot has been made about the fact that Rollins dropped 30 pounds about two years ago in an effort to shape up not only his body, but his game. So maybe it wasn't a coincidence that a week after Pat Perez won in Arizona, Rollins was contending in California.

Perez and Rollins both started working with Joey Diovisalvi, the former trainer for another fitness nut, Vijay Singh, at about the same time a couple of years ago. I talked to Diovisalvi over the weekend and he naturally wasn't surprised to see them both playing well because of what he called a "major, major, major commitment" to getting their bodies where they wanted them to be. With that comes lifestyle changes. For Perez, that meant a new sense of calm and ultimately his first PGA TOUR victory. For Rollins, it meant taking a lesson from what Singh and Tiger Woods do before they ever put a peg in the ground.

Rollins' 74 strokes on Sunday might've added up to a robust final-round number, but at least it wasn't because of a robust physique. Now if he could only find someone to fix those leaky tee shots.


Blogger David S. said...

Obviously, more and more pros are seeing the benefit of getting fit for their golf game.

It's amazing how I fall out of shape and then when I get myself going again, I feel so much better and play so much better.

Don't have a personal trainer, but sounds like I need to follow Joey D as much as I can online.

David Stargel
The Golf Nut

9:30 PM  

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