Thursday, April 23, 2009

Charlie Wi in first, Jason Dufner T8th...

I know we're only one day into this week's event at the Zurich Classic, but I want to point out two great rounds by my guys today - Charlie Wi and Jason Dufner. Charlie wrapped up the day in first place at six under and Jason rolled his way to four under for T8th. 

It's no accident what we do out here. The consistency. The constant preparation. The ongoing awareness for where these guys are in their golf swing, where they are with their body and how that has to be in tandem with a sound mind and strong mental game. You need the drive and then you need to take that drive out to the golf course every day and let it equal confidence.

You're not going to win out here every week. A lot of guys aren't going to win for years at a time. That's how stiff the competition is. That being the case, small milestones are important and serve as validation for all the hard work. Making a cut is another achievement. Entering Friday in first or eighth place, it's also a confidence booster and step in the right direction, regardless of how the rest of the weekend plays out.

Work on your mechanics. Work on your flexibility. Professional golf is a much more complete game today than it was twenty years ago. I think people finally understand that and see all the components that go into being successful out here. Mental coaches. Swing coaches. Strength & Conditioning coaches. Biomechanics. For years people have said that golf isn't a "team" sport, but when you look at the infrastructure each player has built around them you really see that the best in the game aren't doing it on their own.

As important a role as us "support staff" guys play, you still have to credit the players that make this commitment and choose to get after it at this capacity. Some still choose to do it on their own, play their game, refuse to focus on biomechanics and safe to say those aren't the guys on top.

Charlie and Jason are two guys I talk about often here. Both guys work their tails off in the trailer and both have been in contention on a few occasions almost four months into this season. Again, it's no accident. Their success is well earned and here's hoping they keep it up over the next 54 holes.

Those of you at home, remember this -- no matter where you are in your game, be consistent with your training. Fix your body and in turn, you'll fix your swing.

Joey D.


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