Monday, April 13, 2009

Joey D: Masters recap; headed to Hilton Head

Joey D checking in from West Palm Beach today. Just got back from Augusta last night and off to Hilton Head tomorrow for another week. I have Charlie Wi, Jason Dufner and Tom Pernice Jr. in the field, which is different from the Pat Perez, Ryuji Imada and Jason Gore run I had the past few weeks. Looking forward to it.

Before we jump into Hilton Head and a weekly fitness tip, let's talk a little bit about the Masters and Ryuji's finish. After barely making the cut and the firing a 72 on Saturday, Ryuji had a strong showing on Sunday with a final round 69 and two birdies on the back nine. Sunday's finish moved him from the mid-thirties to a T20th finish, proving that Ryuji eventually found his game in Augusta. Again, another testimonial to patience being a virtue at the Masters.

Augusta National is a different course everyday and we had a great finish on Sunday. Seeing two of the best in the world in Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson battling it out down the stretch was exciting. Both gave it a run but had a few bogeys that cost them, proving what a beast this course is. Still, they were in the hunt which is what you want on a Sunday.

I also liked the forced playoff with Chad Campbell, Kenny Perry and Angel Cabrera. When you get the best of the best playing a few extra holes and it comes down to one final putt, it usually provides a pretty clear cut ending. Yesterday was no different. 

Overall it was a great Masters. The weather wound up cooperating, the course was in amazing shape, my guys gave it their all and the ending was memorable. Everyone put their games to the test this weekend and I'm sure all these guys will take something from the experience. 

My Dufner/Wi/Pernice Jr. crew will head to South Carolina after a week off. Some active rest should have all three guys in good shape entering this week's event. All three have been close this year, each pulling in a top ten finish and Charlie actually in contention here in Florida a few weeks ago.

The guys will face a challenging course in Hilton Head. Always interesting to see who rises to the occasion a week after the Masters. More to come once I get to town, work with the guys and have more to report.

For now, I want to shift my focus today and offer up a fitness tip as we're getting solid feedback from some loyal readers. This week I want to explain an exercise called the 90/90, which I have my guys working on the trailer and which you can see in the YouTube video below.

This 90/90 requires either the yellow (medium resistance) or red (heavy resistance) Joey D PowerBandz. This exercise is designed to work on rotational mechanics.

With spring here and summer officially around the corner, rotational mechanics are an important way to get your game ready after slowing down for the winter.

Depending on how often or little you play, you're asking a lot out of the the muscles that surround the spine. This isn't something you want to jump into without being properly warmed up. Especially those of you who suffer from any form of lower back pain.

The 90/90 will help you mimic the golf swing and will start to send a signal to muscles, getting them to fire or contract, which in turn creates awareness. This exercise is how you will eventually learn to swing the club better.

Allow your body to create some separation. A little load at the backswing and some relief as you go through the center of gravity. This will also help you with your overall balance. (Note: Also make sure to click on HQ after you start the video so you can view in High Quality.)

Let me know your thoughts on the 90/90 exercise either in the comments section below or through my semi-new Facebook or Twitter accounts. Any other particular tips you'd like to see on the blog here, let me know.

More later this week from Hilton Head.

Joey D.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great video, Joey. I actually own a yellow set of PowerBandz and remember this clip from the DVD that came with them. Been following the blog lately and love the fact that you're finally getting your name out there. Wishing you and your "guys" the best.

Tom Alexander
Richmond, VA

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With reference to the statement "A little load at the backswing and some relief as you go through the center of gravity". I am assuming you are referring to the movement of the arms as you complete the prescribed drill? How would the arms pass through the centre of gravity when they are moving outside the base of support?? Please explain.

5:24 PM  

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