Monday, July 20, 2009

59 Is The New 39

Congratulations to Tom Watson for his great performance this past week at the Open Championship. He came up one shot short of making history.

I'm going to be 60 years old next Sunday. My blood kept heating to a boil while watching the coverage and listening to the commentators. Terms like "GEEZER" and "CROTCHETY" were used regularly in regard to Mr. Watson and his "unbelievable" performance for a 59 year old man.

What the heck do these whipper snappers think a 59 year old guy should act like? One dolt even said his "hands were shaking". Geez, maybe he should have had a walker out there. I'll admit that the weather has taken a slight toll on his face and neck, but this guy is in great shape and can hit the ball straight when needed and knows how to shape the shots into the wind when needed.

He had the pressure of every 50+ year old golfer in the world wanting him to "show them all". He had the opportunity to tie a century old record held by legendary Harry Vardon. He was going to be the oldest winner of a Major, and some even talked about this being the greatest accomplishment in sports. Are you kidding me?

He had to be mentally drained. He had the Open in his grasp. All the other players parted like the Red Sea to allow him to walk right through and he locked up on the 5 foot putt for the win. I don't care how old you are, that has to turn you into a noodle. The world was watching and he was about to make history. How would you have reacted?

Stewart Cink was a high as a kite coming off a birdie on 18. Tom was so down that he couldn't pull off a straight shot with a cannon.

Is it obvious that I can't relate to all the stupid questions about being 59? I know one thing for sure........when these birds get closer to being 60, you will hear them say things like, "it's only a number".

Congratulations to Stewart Cink.

Well, I sure am glad I got that off my chest.

I need a nap.

Ken Pierce


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