Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LPGA Pro Alison Walshe on Rotation & Balance

LPGA Professional Alison Walshe is a regular at the GolfGym Academy and we captured one of her drills on video last week.

This drill is great for strengthening the legs and developing better balance and rotational stability. Alison is using a 4 pound ball and the Double Handled 8 pound ball in this drill.

Start with a low step and perform as many reps as possible while keeping good form. When 10 - 12 reps on each side becomes easy, either go to a higher step or use a little heavier weight. The key is to perform the reps well.

You can follow Alison on Twitter: (@walsheyyy)
or on Facebook: Alison Walshe

Good luck.

The GolfGym Team


Anonymous anti cellulite shapewear said...

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12:15 AM  

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