Friday, June 10, 2011

Kris Blanks Playing Well at the FedEx St. Jude in Memphis

It's great to see one of our GolfGym Academy regulars playing well at the FedEx St Jude Classic in Memphis this week. PGA Tour Professional Kris Blanks has struggled a bit this year, mostly with putting and had some confidence issues as well. He was on top of the leaderboard for most of the first round and finished T2 after everyone was in the clubhouse. Kris finished T10 at the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

I heard him interviewed on and although he talked about some of the issues he was working on, his confidence was high.

This video of Kris demonstrates two great ways to develop core strength and stability while maintaining a neutral spine.

On the first exercise, be sure to start your reach closer in to maintain stability, then reach 3-4" further on each rep. Kris is using a small dumbbell under each hand.

On the second exercise, try to reach as far as possible through and across the body and as far as possible to the ceiling on the chest opener. Maintain stability and engaged your core.

Kris is a big Twitter guy, so you can follow him on twitter @krisblanks

Coach Joey D



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Apparently Rudyard Kipling was a fan of snow golf, wonder how he kept warm without all the warm light layers we have these days...brrr! Gotta admit I'm a fairweather golfer, unless I'm only going down to the range.

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