Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Fathers Day Story

All of us at GolfGym would like to wish all the Fathers out there a very Happy Fathers Day. It is very likely that your Dad was the first person to introduce you to the game of golf. That is certainly the case with me.

I remember going to the golf course with my dad for the first time at a very young age. That trip to the golf course is etched in my memory forever. I'm sure you have some Dad-golf memories of your own. This Fathers Day, honor your Dad by reminding him of your favorite story.
My Own Dad - Golf Story
After playing a round of golf with his "buddies", he and they enjoyed playing cards (gin rummy) for a while before heading home. I was very young and impatiently hanging around for him to finish this ritual with his friends. After bugging him for the 6th time, he handed me his putter and a ball (the putter was taller than I) and told me to go out to the putting green and play putting. He said would be finished in 20 minutes.

When I got to the putting green I started to smack the ball here and there, just playing around. The green felt very soft under my feet and I can't exactly remember why, but I smacked the soft ground with the putter. What a neat dent it made. I remember turning the blade vertical and with a full swing embedding the head into the green. Wow, that was fun. After about 5 more swings burying the head and yanking it out, I heard the panic call of a man running toward me from the pro shop. I remember that man dragging me into the clubhouse to inform my dad of what I had done. I got "the look" from my dad and his card game was immediately over. I guess that's why to this day, I am a stickler for fixing ball marks on the green.
My Dad, Leonard L. Pierce, had one Hole-in-One in his life.
May 18, 1968, Butterfield Country Club, Hinsdale, IL, 9th hole, 165 yards, 5 iron.
The local newspaper shot this picture in front of his Flower Shop in Chicago.

There weren't very many golf training aids back in 1968. The PGA Professionals most likely didn't have golf fitness or mental coaches either. The professional golfers of today realize that to be competitive, they need to get every advantage possible.

If your Dad is still with you (and I hope still playing golf), be sure to contact him on Sunday and give him a Big Hug...even if it is just over the phone.

To All the Dads out there, thank you for getting your son or daughter involved in this great game. A big thank you to my Dad for getting me started and for inspiring me to do my best. I miss you Dad.

Happy Fathers Day, from all of us at GolfGym.
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Great great story ; I love the way you write.

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