Monday, August 05, 2013

A Simple Drill To Get The Feeling Of A Strong Golf Swing Follow Through

In this video I am going to show you a simple and effective golf swing drill, exercise or movement pattern to help you get the feeling of an extended follow through in your golf swing.

I want to stress the word "Feeling" because I believe feeling a movement is the only way to ingrain that movement pattern into your golf swing.

I created this simple and easy drill to help get the feeling of the extended follow through. Get in a good golf stance an arms length away from a stationary item (car roof, wall, shelf). Stand perpendicular to stationary item. Simply extend your left arm straight out about shoulder high or slightly below. From your good golf posture, extend your right hand along your left forearm all the way until your fingers are touching. If you can't get the full extension....keep working at it to gain more and more flexibility.

Be sure to rotate your hips to allow for a complete rotation and extension. This is a great drill to add to your golf fitness routine. Be sure to do the same drill on the other side to balance off the body.

You can perform this simple drill in the parking lot at the golf course before you get to the clubhouse. Use the top of your car, or if you have an SUV, use the base of the side window.  You will really feel a nice stretch ans extension.  Good luck with this one.


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