Friday, February 01, 2013

Your Posture - Getting Worse Every Day?

Back in September of 2012 I wrote a post titled "How Is Your Posture" (it's the second one on the archived page).  In it I talked about what I have seen as I observed people at the gym.  I gave examples of bad posture and told that I need to keep checking my posture throughout the day.

Well, I am sad to say that yesterday while working many hours on the computer at my desk...I noticed that my posture was horrible. I found myself unconsciously leaning into the monitor with my back rounded and my head leaning down looking at the keyboard (I'm pretty fast, but I have to look at the keys...gotta stop that).

While walking around at the PGA Show last week I also noticed that I look down quite a bit while walking.  I don't know if I am looking for loose change that someone dropped or I am just being lazy about my posture. I really got upset with myself.  Here I am blogging about good posture and I am allowing my own to deteriorate. As soon as I would notice my head down, I would snap into a military type stance with my ears aligned over my shoulders.

Computers, smart phones, iPads and all the other things that require us to look down, are having a big affect on our posture and I think we are not conscious of it...and it's getting worse. On the street, walking at the PGA Show, in the supermarket, nearly everywhere.

If you are not conscious of your posture throughout the day doing normal daily activities, how much do you think you will be aware of it on the golf course. And as we know, poor posture in the golf swing will show up as a "less than your best" performance on the golf course.

Our good friend Roger Fredericks, who is one of the Gurus of Flexibility and Proper Posture for golf, wrote the following on his website:
"In looking at the world today, you've probably noticed that there's an epidemic going on regarding musculeo-skeletal problems. Whether it's back surgeries, hip and knee replacements, upper back and neck problems, etc., the list grows on. Despite the billions of dollars that is spent on these health and fitness problems, the truth is, that the ever growing number of ailments continues to rise. I believe that the root cause of these musculeo-skeletal problems lies in our sedentary culture. In other words, we sit down too much, or over use certain muscles in our bodies. When this happens, our bodies tend to get out of balance, which then gets us out of proper posture. Once the body's structural design is violated, the muscles will often get over (or under) used, and as a result, will get undue stress and friction placed upon them. Hence - Injuries.

Seldom is the "site"of pain - the "source" of the pain. "Just" by working on the injured area isn't always going to get the muscle back to function. Much like a car that's out of alignment causes a tire to go flat, only when the chassis is aligned will the wheel have a chance of rotating properly. The body works just like that."

The bottom line is that we must be conscious of our posture daily in order to ward off neck and back pain and injury, and more importantly, to get the most out of our golf game.
Now stand up straight and "ATTENTION"!!!

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Anonymous Gasper Lazzara said...

Thanks for the tips! I do the same thing everyday on the computer and need to pay more attention to my posture.


3:45 PM  

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