Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Geoff Ogilvy chalks win up to fitness regimen

Some recent ink from the Melbourne Herald Sun about Aussie Geoff Ogilvy and how he attributes his recent success to better overall fitness:

"Ogilvy Attributes Golf Championship Win To Superb Fitness"
AAP Melbourne Herald Sun

Geoff Ogilvy believes his superb fitness contributed to his victory at the gruelling Accenture Match Play Championship.

Ogilvy trains more like a triathlete than a golfer on his weeks off, running, swimming and biking in an effort to improve his oxygen carrying capacity.

And his regimen paid off at sprawling Dove Mountain, where he had had to walk some 20 kilometres both Saturday and Sunday on his road to victory.

"I'm fitter than I've ever been at the moment and it definitely helps," he said after beating Paul Casey 4 and 3 in a 33-hole marathon.

"I'll be happy not to get up at 5am tomorrow for the third day in a row, because I feel sleepy tired, but physically I'm still fine.

"That's why I tried so hard to get fit, so I would feel good on the 32nd hole."

Trainer Steve Adams believes Ogilvy's physical fitness helps mentally.

"It probably contributes more to mental clarity, on weeks like this especially," said Adams.

"They've got to back up two days in a row for 36 holes with only a 30-minute break.

"It's not the whole answer or recipe, just another piece of the puzzle. I think it gives him confidence."


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