Friday, March 27, 2009

Some pics from Orlando...

My guy (and co-writer of my upcoming book) Steve Steinberg was in this week and had the digital camera going, so he sent the following pics for us to post in the blog. 

Here I am with Double P in a the Bentley belonging to his host this week, Ian Poulter. PP comandeered the Englishman's vehicle for a few days and I'm not sure Mr. Poulter will ever see it again.

Stevie also got of me stretching out the big boy, first day leader Jason Gore on Thursday before the round.

For the gearheads and car enthusiasts out there, check out this video of Ian's car collection and him tearing up a racetrack last year. Something tell me he might not even notice if PP doesn't return the Bentley at week's end. 


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