Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joey D with more from Bay Hill...

Joey D checking back with Part II of this week's blog. Let's dive right in.

My horse Pat Perez is back in the field this week. Headed to Bay Hill where he'll see Mr. Arnold Palmer for the first time since winning the Bob Hope Classic, which the legend is now associated with.

I was glad to see PP take last week off after Doral. As his biomechanics coach he knows I'm a big fan of "active rest" after the schedule he's kept the first part of this year. Pat spent the past week at home doing a lot of cycling on the stationary bike, stretching and getting mentally prepared for the next week.

It's an approach and mindset that works for
Tiger Woods; get your work done at home and get your head right for the upcoming event so that you're ready to play. That's what we want to see out of Pat this week. Big event, a ton of world rankings points on the line and a chance to keep moving up.

Strong, aggressive and confident - that's how Pat comes back from an off week and that's what we're looking forward to here in Orlando. That doesn't mean cocky or arrogant. That has guys picking themselves a part. There's a difference. Confidence plays a very important role in golf at this level. Pat has done a great job with the mental aspect of his game.

Another aspect of PP's game which I'm yet to discuss here is his caddy
Michael Hartford and it's time I do so.

Mr. Hartford is an amazing golfer in his own right and he understands what it means to keep his player calm, cool and controlled in potentially tense and heated situation. 'H' is the "ying" to Pat's "yang" and he's one of the most important an aspects of Pat's overall success.

He's no different than a
Bones, Jimmy McKay, Stevie Williams or any of the other big time caddies out here on the Tour. Those guys are there every shot and every step of the way. They're an integral piece of the puzzle and Mike is one of the best of the best.

We're looking for a nice run at Bay Hill, another off week and then off to Augusta for The Masters and his first major of 2009.

Another one of my guys I'm yet to talk about this week is
Ryuji Imada, who was playing for the hometown crowd last week in Tampa. He struggled last week with his putting, which led to the T46th finish.

Ryuji was hitting a lot of fairways and greens, so stats-wise he's playing well, just not scoring well. He's not super happy with the finish and result, but he knows what he has to focus on this week in Orlando and in two weeks at The Masters. Better to work out those kinks at an event like the Transitions Championship than in a major.

Pat and Ryuji are my only two guys headed to Augusta this year and I think both of them are ready to go. Biomechanically regarding their swing as well as well as mentally. Both guys have been working tirelessly and I'm proud of both of them.

Last but not least this week, a hearty congrats for
Retief Goosen regarding his first win in a few years. Retief is another guy that puts fitness on a pedestal and really focuses on his cardiovascular, some light training and understands the physical side of golf. He's in as good of shape as he's ever been and I wouldn't be surprised to see him get another win this year.

For me it's great to see another top guy who realizes that strength, flexibility and conditioning are crucial if you're going to be successful at this level. The physical side of this game feeds into the mental and vice versa. Put it all together and you're going to win some golf tournaments, which he proved last week.

On that note, back to the trailer. Time to get my guys ready. More to come next week.

Joey D.


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