Monday, April 27, 2009

Team Joey D : Charlie Wi T2nd, Jason Dufner T9th

A great week at the Zurich Classic. Again a few of my guys made me proud as they gave it a hell of a run this week. A heartfelt congrats to Charlie Wi and Jason Dufner. Both gave their all in the fitness trailer this week and took care of business on the course, which is obviously the most important thing.

Charlie was your day one leader with an opening round 66. He followed up with rounds of 70-71 on Friday/Saturday and entered Sunday four strokes off the lead. He knew what he needed to do, fired a four-under round of 68 and finished tied for second, behind eventual winner Jerry Kelly. We almost had a four-way playoff, but Jerry pulled it out and again, congrats to him as this win was a long time coming. Stiil, it was another week full of positive energy and hard work out of Charlie.

As a coach or teacher, a guy like Charlie is your ideal player or student and it's always great when you see it all come together for a guy like that. As I've said time and time again here, he's knocking on the door and his time will come. Three top ten finishes in his last five events -- you are looking at one of the hottest players on tour right now.

I've also talked a lot about Jason D being one of the 'sneakiest' guys out here, ready to come out of nowhere each and every week as one of those under the radar type guys. Again, he proved what type of player he is with another T9th finish this week, matching his finish at the Honda in early March. Jason missed a lot of good looks for birdie on Sunday and had a few fallen, he'd have been right in the thick of things.

Dufner has now played in eleven events this year and has made nine cuts. He's working hard and he's been extremely consistent. He managed his physical and mental game very well this week. The maturity I'm seeing out of this kid is very impressive. He's growing leaps and bounds every event he plays and like Mr. Wi, it's only a matter of time for these guys.

A word I will continue to drive home with our readers is 'consistency'. It's everything out here. You have to be consistently patient out here. You have to be consistent with your commitment to biomechanics. A commitment to the changes being made with the swing coaches. You can't get inside your head. Don't over-think and anticipate. As cliche as it may sound, you simply have to play your game - which is exactly what Charlie and Jason did.

Two of my guys didn't make the cut this week - Jason Gore and Tom Pernice Jr. Again, one of those weeks where both felt ready and did their work in the trailer. They just didn't score where they wanted to. Both will be in Charlotte this week and it'll be back to Square One for those guys. A brand new week, with New Orleans in the rearview. Everyone starts at the beginning come Monday and these guys will again give me their all and we'll see what's in store come Thursday. Perseverance and consistency are what I expect out of all these guys and I know they're ready to give it their all.

Pat Perez is back in the field with me this week, which is always a good thing. Off since the Masters, PP has been back home in Scottsdale working on his game an getting ready for these next two weeks. He's a fan of the Charlotte event and has played well in the past at Sawgrass, reeling in a T3rd finish at the PLAYERS in 2006. I'm looking forward to the energy he'll bring into the trailer this week after some 'active rest'.

Ruiji Imada will be back in the field this week and the only guy not going is Charlie, who will rest up for a week before Jacksonville. Joey D definitely has a full house with five of my six in the field.

Expecting a good week in Charlotte. Tiger Woods will be in the mix, tightening up his game before Sawgrass and his presence always has other players on top of their game. It's a big field this week and again, my hope is that some of my guys shine and have the week I know they're capable of.

Back online in a few days and we'll do another Q&A as some questions have been rolling in via Twitter and Facebook. Keep 'em coming and again, congrats to Charlie and Jason. Great run in New Orleans, fellas.

Joey D.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joey D, I hadn't really heard of you until I started following this blog. Now that I'm an avid reader, I make a point to keep an eye on all your guys. Pat Perez already got a win this year and now guys like Charlie Wi and Jason Dufner are knocking at the door, as is Ryuji Imada. Now we just have to get things rolling for Jason Gore and Tom Pernice!

Keep up the great work. I'm a big fitness guy and am thrilled to see PGA Tour players now taking their health so seriously.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joey, as I understand it, becoming a biomechanics coach is quite an involved process. I was wondering which college you studied at? Was it a course that you would recommend to others?

4:03 PM  

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