Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mental Toughness

Earlier today Coach Joey D posted about the mental toughness of Tiger Woods. Mental toughness is what helps Tiger train as hard as he does and play to win as hard as he does. Hank Haney uses the term "Tiger Day" when describing a full day of workouts and golf. It takes mental toughness to be able to maintain that pace day to day.

I had the pleasure of playing nine holes of golf yesterday with a friend and associate, Rick Sessinghaus. Rick is known as “Golf’s Mental Coach”. He is the expert on the mindset principles that make or break performance on and off the course. Rick’s book "Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game" has been featured in national golf magazines and used by leading golf instructors across the country as the “best resource to improve your mental game.”

We played at Chevy Chase Country Club, a nine hole private club tucked back in the hills of Glendale, California. It was a real treat to play early in the morning, with a slight mist falling, on some of the finest greens I had ever played.

I read Rick's book and it has changed the way I approach the game. I am having fun and playing better every time I go out. That's why we are presenting a special offer on our website with his book. Balance is critical in golf and life, both mentally and physically. If you want more info on Rick, visit We will be posting some excerpts from his book over the next few weeks.

I can't wait to post excerpts from Coach Joey D's new book, "Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing" hitting the bookstores in January.

Play your best and have fun.
Ken Pierce


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