Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations to Y.E. Yang on His Impressive Victory at the PGA Championship

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Congratulations to Y.E. Yang for his incredible victory in the PGA Championship.

Wow!!!! What a PGA Championship finish yesterday. Y.E. Yang was as cool as a very cool person (the cucumber thing is too obvious). It was very exciting to watch someone actually make Tiger nervous in the final round.

We at GolfGym are doubly excited because just about eight months ago, another coach on the PGA Tour, Dr. Craig Davies asked Joey D to get him a set of GolfGym PowerBandz for an up and coming Korean player named Y.E. Yang. Doctor Davies uses the PowerBandz and the PowerSwing Trainer with all his golfers. He even took several sets to Sweden last month to work with several players there.

Yesterday in an interview on, Y.E. said that he was very happy with his conditioning. Now, we can't take full credit for him winning the PGA Championship, but we know that our PowerBandz may have played a small part.

Here is what Dr. Davies said about the GolfGym Bandz:
"Two pieces of equipment that I am excited to use in the updated PGA Tour fitness trailers are the PowerBandz and PowerSwingTrainer tubing products by GolfGym. My tour players won’t use another tubing product after experiencing the effectiveness and superiority of these modalities. PGA tour coach Joey D has more than a decade of experience working with the world's top golfers. He is now sharing his knowledge on effective golf training with the rest of us through these innovative products".

Once again, congratulations to Y.E. Yang on his very impressive play.

Ken Pierce
The GolfGym Guy


Blogger Brian said...

I was glad to see somebody else beside Eldrick Woods win. Although he is extremely talented, nobody is that good. At least the way the announcers make him out to be. Yang is certainly a breath of fresh air.

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Blogger Brian said...

Y.E. Yang certainly deserved to win this tournament due to his sterling play on Sunday. It was a nice change to see a newcomer, but he picked the right tournament. The PGA has certainly had its share of first time winners as of late.

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