Thursday, October 29, 2009

Strength, Flexibility and Balance – Developing a “Strong Swing”

Is there such a thing as a Strong Swing? I say yes, and here’s why. Think about it. If you strengthen the muscles in your legs you walk easier and for longer distances, and you would say you have strong legs. If you strengthen the muscles in your arms you pick up and carry things more easily, and you would say you have strong arms.

I think the same holds true for your golf swing. If you strengthen the exact muscles you use in the golf swing, odds are that your swing will become stronger, smoother and more consistent. Your swing should then be able to withstand the rigors of 18 holes with 70 – 100+ golf swings, some of which have to be dug out of the deep rough or sand.

The following exercise will help you develop a strong consistent golf swing while working on your balance, posture and flexibility. I am using the GolfGym® PowerSwing Trainer. It is a latex resistance tube based unit attached to a golf training grip.

Place the foam pad under your left foot (for right handed golfers). You can put it under your right foot, but for this exercise go with your left foot in order to feel more resistance on your back swing.

Get yourself in a really good set up position (golf posture) with the end of the grip pointing to an imaginary ball. Feel your weight over the inside center of your feet and in balance. This will create a very solid foundation.

Start to take the grip back to a full back swing position. You will feel the resistance. As you take it back to the top, try to use your big turning muscles, not just your arms. Concentrate on doing the exercise correctly and slowly. Feel yourself “loading” over your right foot. Hold that position for the count of 2. Take a quick peek at your arms hands and shoulder position and make corrections if need be.

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Start your downswing slowly (with your hip turn), resisting the pull of the tubing, but allowing the tubing to pull you into the slot. That sounds contradictory, but you will feel what I mean when you do it. Keep that good wrist cock until you get to the impact position. The tubing actually helps to keep your hands in the correct position.

Continue through impact to a finished position somewhere between your belt and your shoulders. Hold that fully extended position for the count of 2. You will feel the muscles in your core, legs and arms firing to hold that position. Come back to the start position and do 8 - 10 repetitions. When 8 - 10 repetitions become easy, simply pick up the pace and do 15 - 20 repetitions without stopping to set up or holding at the top.

Key points to remember while doing this exercise:
  1. Maintain a good foundation and posture in your stance(a mirror really helps).
  2. Concentrate on turning around your spine. Not swaying side to side.
  3. Turn as far as you can on the back swing. That will help with your flexibility.
  4. Stay in balance as you swing. Think of your weight centered over the inside of your feet.

This exercise can be done every day, and is especially good to do about 10 minutes before you step up to the first tee when playing. When you use it to warm up before playing, swing as smoothly as possible and stay in a good golf posture. Be sure to pick up your driver and take 10 – 12 smooth swings to adjust to the weight. You are now ready to play the best round of your life....or at least this month.

You can visit to see more uses of the PowerSwing Trainer.

Good Luck and Good Golfing.

Ken Pierce
The GolfGym Guy


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