Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Importance of Leg Strength in Golf and Life

What do you think you would do if your legs gave out and you had to use a wheel chair for the rest of your days?

I got a front row seat to that very event when we visited my Father-in Law in the hospital this past weekend. Ted is 92 years old and has been through the ringer with ailments, but has always come through just fine...until now. His legs have become so weak that he is unable to stand up and walk. It is heartbreaking to see a family member having to be helped with just about every move when out of bed.

I tell you of this experience because I realized that as I get older, I seem to be avoiding leg strengthening exercises and I am feeling it. Seeing Ted in that condition, I made a commitment to start working on my own legs.

Joey D has created a simple but extremely effective golf fitness exercise that he calls "Squat and Reach". It is one of the exercises on the DVD that comes with the GolfGym weighted Clubs 28 & 38.

Grab a weighted club or any other club in your bag and click on play. Do this exercise consistently and you will really feel the difference.

Good luck with this one.
Ken Pierce


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