Thursday, September 08, 2011

Seven Days In Utopia

The new golf movie "Seven Days In Utopia" is out in theaters and, in my opinion, is the most realistic golf movie ever made. Robert Duval hits only one shot in the movie, but Lucas Black, from the movie, "Friday Night Lights" is a very good golfer and has a great swing.

The message in the movie is about inspiration and significance in life through golf. There is a religious tone, but not overwhelming.

Description: "Seven Days in Utopia" starring Robert Duvall, Lucas Black, and Melissa Leo. The story revolves around a young pro golfer, Luke Chisolm (Lucas Black) who has a major meltdown in a tour tournament and ends up in Utopia where he meets seasoned pro, Johnny (Robert Duvall) who helps him improve his golf game as well as his life. While the major tour events were filmed at Boot Ranch in Fredericksburg, Utopia and its golf course is where Luke "finds his game."

The story will warm your heart and has an ending like no other movie I have ever seen.

Rickie Fowler, Stewart Cink and K.J. Choi are also in the movie.

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Anonymous Gareth @ Golf For Beginners said...

What about tincup? lol Kevin Costner playing with his trusted seven iron is something the golfer can relate to after all lol nah but in all seriousness has there ever been a good golf movie? A serious one before anyone mentions Happy gilmore, caddyshack and Tincup!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous raleigh golf putting greens said...

Can't wait to see it, sounds enjoyable!

4:37 PM  

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