Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why Golf Specfic Training is So Important!

As those of use who play the game of golf is complicated. If you are into any type of fitness program to help you play better, it is essential that you are doing exercises that are designed to help your "golf body" perform better while you play. That's why golf specific training is so important if your intent is to be a better golfer.

The following is an excerpt from Coach Joey D's book, Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing entitled: "Golf-Specific Training":

"The golf swing is one of the most complex movements in all of sports. To turn yourself into a living, breathing version of Iron Byron and be able to—time after time—hit the ball perfectly, you need to fix your body so it can do what it has to do with the club. Once that happens, you're free to concentrate on the things that the pro at your club is telling you to do. You no longer have to worry about your body's infrastructure and can concentrate on how to use—and rely on—your body's muscles and joints to let you play the way you want. It's an incredibly liberating feeling that will help you play better and enjoy the game more. Imagine if every morning when you left your house, you not only had to focus on the meetings and presentations that you had that day at the office, but you also had to worry if the wind was going to blow the shutters off your windows while you were gone or if your garage door was going to cave in before you got home. That's the kind of mental confusion that most golfers carry onto the course. They not only have to focus on all of the things that their pro told them, they also have to worry about their bodies being able to follow through on those things. Properly training your body can clear up that mental confusion. You're free to create and control movement, not chaos.

That means training your body specifically to do the things it needs to do. Your lower body has to be able to maintain its balance and stability while your upper body goes through a series of dynamic and extreme rotations. A certain amount of separation is needed between your upper and lower body to allow you to rotate sufficiently in both your backswing and follow-through. The range of motion around your shoulder joints has to be adequate to let you take the club comfortably through the entire swing. But even if all of these body parts are individually prepared to do what they need to do, you still need to have the overall body awareness to make sure that things happen—and muscles come into play—when they're supposed to happen.

Training your body to make it as strong as it can be—from a biomechanical perspective—for golf means working on a lot of muscles and body parts that you probably never thought to work on. Heck, you're going to be working on muscles that you've probably never even heard of. And the muscles that you have heard of need to be strengthened in ways you may not even have considered."

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Blogger Ana Paul said...

Thanks for sharing about this specific Golf Training fitness.This would be really useful for all golfers.
Thank You

3:27 AM  
Blogger Rob Thompson said...

Be sure to make sure your golf workout does not change your golf swing too much. Its happened to alot of guys and ruined their games.

9:56 AM  

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