Monday, August 06, 2012

GolfGym - TSA Approved for Travel?


This is what Larry at wrote me after an episode at the airport while carrying his GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer in his carry on bag.
He continued, "I recently made an airline trip to Boston, MA. I decided to take my GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer with me. For this trip I decided not to check my luggage and do a carry-on to save a bit of time. I had my GolfGym in my duffel and "flew" through security at O'Hare in Chicago. NO questions asked.

On my return flight security did not know what to do with the GolfGym. Then scanned my bag several times and then had to have a supervisor take a look at it. I can tell you she was not a golfer and had no idea what she was looking at. Once I explained to her, she was still unsure, so off she went to check with her supervisor. When she finally return she said I could take it through.

So with those two situations I feel it is safe to say;
I don't know if it is official but I am going to use that for my excuse if I get stopped again.
We can't be certain that in fact the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer is TSA Approved, but the story put a big smile on my face.
(The GolfGym Grip contains an aluminum tube in the center and it showed up on the x-ray)
Play Better and Enjoy the Game
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