Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joey D checking in to talk Miami from Tampa...

Joey D here, just rolled into Tampa after a great week down in Miami. Only have a few guys this week, though it should be a great event up here at the Transitions Championship.

First thing I wanted to again address this week is dehydration, which we discussed last week and then saw first hand after the third round when eventual winner Phil Mickelson found himself in a bad place after another hot, humid and deceiving South Florida afternoon.

For those who missed it, Lefty took a quick trip to the hospital to replenish his fluids intravenously. Not really a shock as guys spent the first part of this year playing west coast golf and forget to take into account the level of humidity in the southeast. People assume they're hydrated, but it's all about assimilation and keeping cells hydrated; not just quenching your thirst. 

I didn't see first hand what happened with Phil, but knowing how to deal with dehydration I'd assume he and his trainer Sean Cochran got together and worked towards recovery. Rest up, replenish with adequate liquids, get the necessary nutrients in his body -- amino acids, proteins, etc. to get him back at a cellular level. 

He and his team obviously did things well because Phil came back sharp on Sunday and played a great round of golf, en route to winning his second tourney in the past month.

Again, another reminder for all you out there to hydrate properly before heading to the course and to remember to replenish as you play this spring and summer. Sip water the entire round - not just when you're feeling thirsty. 

On a lighter note, a special thanks to Henrik Stenson for providing some comedy relief this past week, stripping down to his skivvies for a shot in an effort to not get any mud on his clothes.

I don't think anybody should be looking forward to that type of action at the Masters in a few weeks as it's a different format up there and I don't think they'd find the humor in it that the rest of us do.

Either way, nice to see Henrik stripping down in the South Florida sun to work on his tan while saving par on the third hole. 

Regarding my guys, both Pat Perez and Ryuji Imada both had solid weeks. PP finished T35th and had a great 70-foot putt on the 72nd hole and 'Ryuj' finished T40th. 

Doral is one of those course that looks like it's straight out there in front of you, but it's a long course and the way it's set up when that wind is blowing it becomes very challenging. It's one of those courses where you really need to have your yardages right and need to plan your misses accordingly. Players and caddies really have to know the lay of the land at Doral, which was the case for Pat and Ryuji this past week.

With the Masters a few weeks away, it was great to see both guys working so hard on the course and in the trailer. With the first major around the corner, you're looking for things to challenge you so you know where you have to sharpen your skills before Augusta.

PP had Mr. A (swing coach Mike Abbott) out there with him this week while Ryuji took on the challenge of playing a longer course as a smaller guy. He's not the longest player on Tour, but he's very sharp and accurate. It was a good week to focus on his fundamentals and in the trailer we made sure to focus on his posture and spine angle. With Pat, it was just another hardcore week where he gave me his all in the trailer. He's tireless when it comes to working on his biomechanics and he's focused as he's only playing one more event (Bay Hill) before Augusta.

Looking forward to Tampa this week. We have Charlie Wi in the field, as well as Jason Dufner - both coming off solid performances in Palm Beach two weeks ago. Tom Pernice Jr. is also back after a week off and Ryuji is excited as Tampa is his hometown and that means family, friends and bigger galleries out there supporting him. 

PP is taking the week off, which I like. His strategy is to play a little less leading up to the Masters, so that he's rested and the best play is to practice back home in Scottsdale. I love the way his golf swing looks right now and I think after playing for almost two months straight out the gate, some rest will help him focus for Orlando and Augusta.

Jason Gore is coming off a good week in Puerto Rico, but isn't in the field this week. I know that J is working to get his game to where he wants it. He's a phenomenally talented player and even though he's not in many events right now, we're staying in touch and we're getting him back to where he wants to be biomechanics-wise.

As for this week's venue, Copperhead is a great course and will provide some challenges for the guys this week. The players like it and they're expecting a strong field this week, which also gets guys fired up. More good weather is in store, too.

The 'first quarter' of the year is behind us, which is interesting as a biomechanics coach. Guys know where they're at in the rankings and know what they need to do, but they also have a feel for where they're at fitness-wise and where they're trying to go. Where are their bodies in their golf swing? Are they comfortable or do we need to work to get them right? All the early season kinks have been worked out. We're in the thick of it right now.

Mondays are generally 'off' days for Joey D, so I'm going to get off this computer and head outside for a bit. Need to catch a run, a workout and need to get mentally ready for another week on Tour. I'll check back soon.

Joey D.


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