Thursday, December 22, 2011

LPGA Player Natalie Gulbis & "The Plank"

I just found this short video featuring Natalie Gulbis and some of the exercises she does to stay in great golf shape shape.

Natalie has a always been a model of a very thin person, but I don't think she ever positioned herself as very strong or fit. Her exercises on the Balance Ball show that she has great core strength.

She also emphasizes the importance of the plank as a great exercise to strengthen her core and her golf fitness.

To expand on the Plank exercise, here is Tim Beattie with some variations that will definitely make your core work, work, work.

If you find some other variations on "The Plank", email them to

The GolfGym Guy


Anonymous Alex said...

Hey im 16 years old and i was wondering if you can recommend some exercises that will make my golf swing more stable? I tend to swing my upper body back in the back swing a lot i need more stability. i already do the plank 5 sets of 2 minutes every day. thank you.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Boot Camp Holiday said...

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