Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Pre-Shot Routine - Borneo

At GolfGym, we get emails every day indicating new "followers" on Twitter and people who want to "Friend" us on Facebook.  It is fascinating to see where these folks come from, what they do, and how they position themselves to the world of Social Media.
One such fascinating person started following us on Twitter this morning. I checked his profile and he stated he was a Golf Professional at The Golf Academy Borneo.....Borneo?  Yea...that Borneo. I visited his website and found a gem of an article that he wrote on his idea of a good pre-shot routine. His name is Rory Young and I would like to share the article with you.
Quite simply the pre-shot routine is exactly what it states - a routine to perform before executing any stroke around the golf course. In addition and possibly more importantly, it should be performed before each practice shot on the range.
I have heard it suggested that this routine can and ought to take up to two minutes but this is nonsense. A pre-shot routine performed without distractions should take no more than 30 seconds maximum.
Everybody must develop a routine that suits themselves and the following is merely a guide to give an insight into how many of the top players approach their routines. Most top players have a slightly different routine for shots of less than full distance and putting.
Have a look at my below example of a Pre-Shot routine and copy it or change it to suit your game.
1. If playing a shot from the fairway then leave your clubs to the side of the ball but around three to four yards behind the ball. Then go and observe the lie and select a club to execute the shot
2. Now stand four yards behind the ball on an imaginary line drawn through the ball to where you wish to send it (normally the target).
3. Look beyond the ball and pick a spot on the ground some 45-60cms (18-24ins) directly on the imagined line from ball to target. Hopefully, something (a longer blade of grass perhaps) will be visible, if not, just pick a spot. Now
4. Perform one, practice, swing standing at right angles to your chosen target line still four yards behind the ball.
5. Focus again on your chosen spot then without hesitation walk up to the ball and align the leading edge of the club at right angles to the line from ball to target.
6. You may still have your grip in place from the practice swing, if not, take it now.
7. Bend from the hips almost into your final posture. Take up your stance position, parallel to the chosen line, waggle the club, wiggle your body to be limber, get well balanced and ready.
8. Glance up at the target, but then focus your attention on your chosen spot in front of the ball, even though you will be looking at the ball. (This is where it is beneficial to have a spot close enough for it to be in the periphery of your vision.)
9. Your clubface is now pointing at the spot, you are standing parallel to the line through it, now let fly with your full swing trying to hit the ball over your spot. Swing right through to a balanced finish and admire how much better you have struck the ball and how much more accurate your stroke is.
Thank you Rory.


Anonymous Fitness Freak said...

Seems like a Pocket guide for Budding Golfers.

10:24 PM  

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