Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is Your Golf Game Like a Vegemite Sandwich?

The following story is from Grant Garrison at Golf Industry Central in Australia.
On Monday, the new green-keeper went to work with his lunch box in his hand, during his lunch break he complained to his new staff about his vegemite sandwich.  His staff ignored his complaints but on Tuesday he complained even louder about his dislike for his vegemite sandwich.  
By Friday, his staff had enough of him complaining and one of them yelled out.  “Why don’t you just have your wife make you a different kind of sandwich like tuna or roast beef?”  The new green-keeper looked up with a puzzled look on his face and said, “My wife? I don’t have a wife.  I made this myself.” 
Is your golf game like that fellow and his sandwich?  Have you been doing the same thing day after day expecting a different result?

I will admit that, although I am very pleased with my golf fitness workouts and am seeing benefits from that, I found myself trying to play the same shots on the same holes with the same bad results...hoping that "this time" will be different.

On #16 at the club I play regularly (because we live there) I would pull out a driver every time to, with high hopes, hit a very straight drive that would hug the trees along the left and end up in the middle of a very narrow fairway just in front of the green. It's really painful to admit that in the 20 times I have played that hole, I actually pulled it off just once.
Last weekend I played the course twice (my first time playing 36 holes in one day...ever).  In the first go around on #16, you guessed it, I pulled out my driver, crossed my fingers, clipped the trees and bounced left to an unplayable lie.  In the second 18, I played a 4 iron a little to the right into an open area and followed with a seven iron into the green.  I actually pared the hole.

If this is what you are doing with your golf fitness routine and not seeing the results you are looking for...change the pattern and mix it up a little.  If you are in the habit of not warming up or stretching before your round, then plan to get to the course a little early next time and get a little sweat going with some simple stretches and warm up exercises.  Visit our Facebook page ( to see many different routines from several fitness pros. While you are there, we would like it if you LIKE us.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says, "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change".

All the Best!


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