Friday, January 20, 2012

Two Great Exercsies To Take Your Golf Posture From Caveman To Tour Pro...Maybe!

When I get in the office at the GolfGym headquarters in Stuart, Florida, I usually start my day by plopping in my chair, firing up the computer and plowing into the digital world to check emails, respond to Twitter followers, make friends on Facebook and generally try to figure out what is happening in the world of golf and, whenever a good subject comes up, write a blog post.
I got the idea for this post when I found myself, once again hunched over the keyboard (I am pretty fast twinkling on the keys, but still have to look at them). Every time I recognize that I am creating a terribly bad posture, I straighten up, tighten my core and get back at the the finger pointing (at the keys). If I lose concentration on my posture I quickly fall back into my impression of the Hunch Back know.
With all the digital and electronic toys we play with every day people are developing very poor posture and don't even recognize it. I see some people walking along with their heads bent nearly 90 degrees checking their smart phones for who knows what. The same is true with many golfers. Poor posture in golf leads to minimized rotation around the spine which leads to lack of extension, lack of power and most likely produces a poor golf shot. Most golfers are not even aware of their golf posture...poor or proper.
Here is David Leadbetter demonstrating proper and poor golf posture. Which of these postures do you think will produce a better golf shot...and not hurt your back?

Here are two great (and simple) exercises featuring Coach Joey D using the GolfGym Club 38 weighted training club to help you with your golf posture and overall golf fitness.

These are great golf specific movement patterns that you can incorporate on the range or at the tee box.
Good Luck!


Anonymous Golf New Orleans said...

I wish there was a machine at the gym that allow you to turn with band resistance...built like the club behind the back...a torso turner with resistance...the machines they have now just suck! Thanks for the tips.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous lose body fat said...

I just love the Great Exercsies sets you make The golf and post are just wonderful. Thanks!

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Athletic Golf Training said...

A very important point. We are all so immersed in our own little digital worlds that we forget about looking at ourselves (our posture) from an outsider's perspective.

1:04 PM  

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