Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How Is Your Posture?

I've mentioned previously that several months ago I joined a gym called Planet Fitness. I go there every morning and get a great workout using some free weights, the pull down machine, my PowerSwing Trainer and the GolfGym PowerBandz.

Because I spend my first 15 - 30 minutes warming on the treadmill at the far end of the gym, I get a good look at all the activity in front of me and all the people as they walk by or workout.
An older man who loves to use the third treadmill from the wall has a great attitude and shows up every morning to get in his workout.  I bring him up because his posture is so bad that it pains me to see him walk around.  It may be because of a disease, but his head hangs out over his chest. He basically faces down most of the time and has to turn his body to look up.  He is of course an extreme case of poor posture, but as I look at more of the folks there at the gym, and everywhere I go, I'm finding that poor posture is rampant in our society.
I think we can blame the incredible amount of texting and the use of smart phones and hand held games by the younger of us for their poor posture There is a great article on the new phenomenon called "Text Neck"
I find myself checking my posture many times throughout the day.  I sit on a Balance Ball for a period of time while at my desk (I'm working up to more and more hours on the ball).  It makes me more aware of my forward lean trying to get closer to the computer monitor, and I feel like I am in a continual correction mode. For those of us that have to sit at a desk for some time during the day, and do a lot of work on a computer, it is very easy to fall into a really poor posture that over time becomes a habit.
When you are sitting, standing or walking, try pulling your shoulders down and back and hold for 6 - 10 seconds. Check yourself in the mirror from the side to see if your ears are aligned over your shoulders.  You will be amazed at the people who sport a rounded back with their ears well over their chest.
OK...what does this have to do with my golf game? Given that we rotate around our spine in the golf swing, poor posture is a definite disadvantage when it comes to golf performance. 
There are many exercises that will help you with your posture using a Balance Ball, PowerBandz, pull down machines, etc.  We will be adding many of them including video to our Facebook Page over the next few weeks. We would really appreciate it if you would Like Us there.

For on becoming aware of your posture and check yourself many times throughout your day. Pull your shoulders back, walk tall and concentrate on how a good posture feels. Try to duplicate that feeling several times throughout every day. Make good posture a habit.
Good Luck with your Posture!
More to come.


Blogger MC Palacio said...

Thanks for your reminder! Posture is something most people don't mind about, especially in our digital age, it's really important.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Pelizzaro said...

I feel the same way when I see someone with the forward head and rounded upper back, especially the elderly population, and think to myself, if they only had some guidance when they were young!
One of the simplist suggestions I have is to put your self up against a wall (back to the wall) and start working on doing snow angles with your arms while keeping your head on the wall. Odds are most people can't do this the first time, but with some practice, some discomfort and some determination, you can make a big difference.
Thanks for posting this article. It's a great reminder for all of us (as I am sitting here typing on an iPad:)

6:34 AM  

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