Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer - It Works

About a week ago, I got a call from a golf writer, Ed Travis, in Davenport, Florida requesting an image of our GolfGym Balance Ball. He was writing an article on Golf Training Aids for a publication in the New England area and wanted to add in a product on Golf Fitness. Ed also has a great website where he posts his reviews, opinions and articles.

We are in the golf fitness products business, and when someone wants to add us to a golf publication in New England, and give us free editorial coverage...we are grateful and very willing to cooperate. 

However, this time I asked him why the Balance Ball?  I can't remember the exact answer, but I immediately told him that although a Balance Ball is a terrific tool for getting some great results, I recommended that he consider our GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer. It is unique, used by thousands of golfers, teachers, coaches and trainers around the world and has a "WOW" factor to it when someone tries it for the first time.

He told me that he got one from me a while back at a trade show but never really tried it to get the full effect. Because I am so passionate about that particular product, and because I invented it over 25 years ago, I told him that I would shoot a video just for him to demonstrate the benefits of the product to all golfers, teachers, trainers and coaches. I did just that, and posted it on YouTube privately so only the person I gave the link to could view it.

After my internal struggle (should I shouldn't I?), I decided to post it here for everyone who reads this blog to see.  Remember it was shot for Ed to whom I sent a PowerSwing Trainer (medium resistance) for his own personal use and evaluation.  Ed is a single digit handicap golfer and a seasoned citizen.  He is also passionate about helping golfers improve their game which will help them enjoy golf more.

This is one of those posts that some may call a shameless plug for the product that has, and I think can, help many, many golfers, coaches, teachers and trainers to get more out of their golf game, but most importantly, get started in a simple and effective golf fitness program.

Please indulge me and watch my video to Ed Travis about the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer.
Thank you in advance!

If you are looking to get into some kind of golf fitness/flexibility/strength exercise program...the PowerSwing Trainer is a great way to get started. Visit us at for more details.

Thanks again!
Ken Pierce

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CORRECTION!!  I mentioned the Academy in Morocco that purchased a PowerSwing Trainer. I said Peter Hanson practices there. Lotfi Elarabi, owner of Marrakech Golf Academy contacted me to tell me his academy is home to Peter Lawrie and Sam Little, other stars come to practice in the winter, like Ryder cup player Francisco Molinari,.......Sorry Lotfi!


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