Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The "Scrunch Drill" with Arlen Bento, Jr.

This is our GolfGym Swing Tip #3 in the series we are doing with Arlen Bento, Jr.

In this video, Arlen demonstrates what he calls The "Scrunch Drill". After working on the golf swing with #1 the "Begin With the Follow Through" drill, then #2 the "Toe Drill", Arlen takes us into the movement from short back swing to impact then to follow through. You can work on these simple golf fitness and golf swing drills at home or in your office. Great to do with the PowerSwing Trainer too.


All great golfers get into this position as they are moving into impact. Their swings happen so fast that it is difficult to see that position at full speed, but they do it. A really good example of that movement in an exaggerated fashion is Paula Creamer. Here she is already past impact, but believe me, if you have ever seen Paula swing...she definitely gets Scrunched.

Here is a the great Byron Nelson demonstrating the Scrunch that he performed in his swing. Thanks to Historic Golf Photos: for this great image.
 So...Scrunch your way to a better swing!
Thanks for watching.
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Blogger Rich Scudder said...

This is a great drill to work on the follow through. Haven't been fortunate enough to do it with the PowerSwing Trainer, but am sure would work very well. Working on trying to scrunch up like Paula:-)

1:19 PM  

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