Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Play Golf - An Oxymoron?

When we were kids we used to play with balls, play in the sand, play in the water and get grass stained knees while frolicking in the green stuff with friends. We didn't care how large the sandbox was or if it rained or not, and we didn't get all tensed up when we had to plunge our plastic mini-shovel deep into the sand to chuck a huge pile of it onto our playmate. We simply played and had lots of fun.
For those of us who have taken up the game of golf....the words sand, water and thick grass strike fear in the deepest recesses of our minds.  OK, that's slightly dramatic, but there is truth to it.

When most people think of "Play" they don't necessarily equate that fun experience to "Golf". So why do we say "Play Golf" or "Play Golf America".  That phrase is supposed to elicit thoughts of enjoyment, fun, friendship and fulfillment. Does it for you?

How about we try to bring some fun back into your experience with golf, or at least some fun in the way you prepare yourself for your golf game.  That's right....it is, after all, a game.

Here are two movements/drills/exercises (exercises sounds like work...this is not work) to have fun with, not be tense about, and for sure, put a smile on your face while performing them. Hey, maybe they will even help your golf game....just a thought.

Have fun with these two Balance Ball drills...and have more fun on the golf course.  Remember to: PLAY Golf!

Ken Pierce
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Anonymous Todd said...

Balance is so important to the golf swing. More exercises should incorporate balance moves.

9:57 AM  

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