Saturday, November 07, 2015

Stop Casting The Club In Your Golf Swing

Casting the golf club is one of the dreaded "Death Moves" that will kill your distance on the golf course.

Casting is the action of releasing a "lag" or cocked position as you bring your club into the impact position from the top of the swing. If you were to think about being in water that was up to your waist, and you were starting your downswing, your hands should hit the water before your club head.

Holding that Lag position in the downswing will increase the speed of the club head as you come down and begin to release the club head into the ball striking, or impact zone.

In this video, I am using the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus unit attached to my driver. I explain the process of holding the lag position and the benefit of the PowerSWING Plus to help do that. The cords are designed to keep your hands in that "cocked" or lag position.

To learn more about the PowerSWING Plus go to:

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