Sunday, September 28, 2008

Camilo Villegas wins the Tour Championship & $4.26 Million

Today, in a playoff with Sergio Garcia, Camilo Villegas won the Tour Championship along with a huge amount of prize money. His win placed him in second in the FedEx Cup standings which reaped a whopping $3 million. The win today also meant another $1.26 million that will be deposited into his Colombian ban account.

This win by an incredibly fit golfer is yet another testament to the importance of adding fitness to your priorities. The top 4 finishers today are all extremely dedicated to a fitness program to become the best players they can be. Even Phil was in contention up to his final putt on 18.

Camilo has a nickname of Spiderman because of his ability to get to ground level to view the breaks in the putting green in a stretch that can only be performed by a "20 something" in phenomenal physical shape.

Congratulations to Camilo. He will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

Ken Pierce
The GolfGym Guy

Vijay Wins the FedEx Cup!

Although it was inevitable for the past two weeks, today Vijay Singh officially won the prestigious FedEx Cup and the $10 million that accompanies the trophy.

Winning many tournaments and the FedEx Cup is a testament to his hard work, dedication to fitness and practice, and his overall belief in himself and his team. Recently he began to tell himself that he was a good putter over and over...and after a short while he started to believe it. This belief showed itself in the last several tournaments he won.

Congratulations to Vijay and the entire team that helped him along the way. That includes our partner and PGA Tour coach Joey Diovisalvi, Coach "Joey D". Coach Joey D is one of the elite strength, conditioning and biomechanics coaches on the tour. He currently works with 12 touring pros.

Johnny Miller said that many golfer may be re-thinking their "time to move on to the Champions Tour". Heck, the way Vijay is playing, we will see him winning PGA tournaments well into his 50's if he chooses.

Once again, Congratulations Vijay!

Ken Pierce
The GolfGym Guy

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vijay did it again!!

Congratulations to Vijay again!
He won the BMW and is a lock to win the FedEx Cup.

I played 9 holes with a fellow from Wisconsin and when I mentioned that Vijay was going to win the FedEx Cup, he said, "He will win it....but, there will be an asterisk after his name because Tiger isn't playing".

It is certainly the case that Tiger is not playing, but that shouldn't diminish the hard work of Vijay Singh to be ready to win. He has worked very hard on his putting and that really paid off.

My hat is off to Vijay for his "Energizer Bunny" approach to his workouts.
Give him the kudos he deserves.

Ken Pierce
The GolfGym Guy