Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dynamic Stretches with Pierre-Henri Soero at the GolfGym Academy

Among the many professional golfers that frequent our GolfGym Academy in Jupiter, Florida is a very athletic young man who has his sights set on making it to the PGA Tour. His name is Pierre-Henri Soero.

Pierre was born in New-Caladonia, has a French accent and is one of the hardest working golfers to walk into our Academy....and he hits the ball a mile (actually, he averages 312 off the tee). He just recently earned status on the Asian Tour for 2011 and will be playing many events on that Tour.

He works with Elite Tour Coach Joey D on his biomechanics and movement patterns and with Coach Jeffrey Fronk on his exposiveness and overall strength.

We shot some video recently of Pierre going through a dynamic stretch routine with Coach Fronk.

Pierre just signed up on Twitter and can be followed @pierresoero.

We look for great things coming from Pierre-Henri Soero.

The GolfGym Team