Saturday, November 07, 2015

Stop Casting The Club In Your Golf Swing

Casting the golf club is one of the dreaded "Death Moves" that will kill your distance on the golf course.

Casting is the action of releasing a "lag" or cocked position as you bring your club into the impact position from the top of the swing. If you were to think about being in water that was up to your waist, and you were starting your downswing, your hands should hit the water before your club head.

Holding that Lag position in the downswing will increase the speed of the club head as you come down and begin to release the club head into the ball striking, or impact zone.

In this video, I am using the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus unit attached to my driver. I explain the process of holding the lag position and the benefit of the PowerSWING Plus to help do that. The cords are designed to keep your hands in that "cocked" or lag position.

To learn more about the PowerSWING Plus go to:

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Friday, November 06, 2015

Stop "Coming Over The Top" Forever

Coming "Over The Top" is a very big issue for many golfers. It is one of the 3 major "Death Moves" and is most frustrating to any golfer.

Coming over the top is the term used to describe a downswing that is generated as an "outside - in" swing. The shoulders usually turn first sending the hands and arms to the outside of your target line. This usually causes the face of the club to remain open while coming into the impact zone. As you swing the club from the outside, it is like you are cutting across the ball with the open face which generally ends up as a slice. If you are able to close the face with your hands as you enter the impact zone, it will most likely result in a pull of hook shot. All of these conditions are not good for your golf game

In the following video, I demonstrate and explain the action called over the top and present a training process that will cure you of that after a very short time.  I am using the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus unit attached to my driver.  It can be attached to any club. For demonstration purposes, the driver works best.
If you are interested in more info about the PowerSWING Plus or the other GolfGym Resistance Based Golf Swing Training Products, go to:

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How Can Bruce Lee and Lou Holtz Help Your Golf Swing?

Bruce Lee once said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times".

When I read this quote from Bruce Lee, I immediately felt there was a direct link to the way we should think about golf and how we practice it. Bruce Lee understood that it only takes one perfect kick to take down an adversary. Practicing that one kick 10,000 times will help you come close to perfection.

Connecting those same dots to golf, there is no way to accurately calculate the amount of balls a PGA Tour Player hits in a year. After doing some rough calculations, I came up with an estimate. With their tournament rounds and all the practicing they do, PGA Tour players probably hit 10,000 balls every 3-4 months or so. That's one great indicator why they are so good at the game.

Generally, recreational golfers don't take practice very seriously. Hitting a small bucket of balls on the range using only the driver just before stepping up to the first tee might get you slightly warmed up, but it does not count as practice.

I saw an interview on the Golf Channel with the very passionate retired football Coach, Lou Holtz. He commented on the off-season, goals and practicing. Regarding the off-season he said, "There is no off-season in athletics."  Regarding goals he said, "If you don't have goals, how will you know when you get there?"

As for practicing golf, he recommended swinging your golf club 30 times a day for an entire year. He went on to say, "If you do that you will create a great swing". Think about it, 30 Swings x 365 days = 10,950 swings. Who knows, after just one year you might become the man or woman to "fear” on the golf course.

Practice, if it is going to be effective, needs to be planned and executed in a manner that enhances your golf swing, your motor pattern memory, and most importantly...your confidence.  Developing a repeatable, consistent golf swing will make a huge impact on your scoring ability on the course. Executing the plan is the challenge. Why not plan a simple golf swing training program this off-season. Check out for some great suggestions.

"It's too difficult to swing a golf club indoors during the winter", you say? Well, we have great some suggestions on tools you can use indoors. They will help you develop a good "practice" mentality while training your golf specific muscles. Head over to to see what we mean. 10,000 swings starts with just one.

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Ken Pierce
Creator, GolfGym
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Let's Rotate Properly, Shall We!

Rotation, Proper Rotation, Most Effective Rotation

Have you ever heard that the three most important words in real estate are: Location, Location, Location.  Well, in golf the three of the most important words are: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation. If you really want power, distance or accuracy with your golf swing, you must be able to rotate properly.

I go to the gym about 3 - 4 times a week. I like the atmosphere and the energy there. I love using the GolfGym 8 pound PowerBall for much of my exercises, but I don't carry it around in my gym bag.  I donated 2 of them to the gym for anyone to use, and they get lots of use. (I do carry the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer and a set of PowerBandz to use at the gym?

The other morning I was going through my shoulder and rotation routine, and I noticed that I was performing one of the movements improperly because I do them facing the wall with all the mirrors. Note: I recommend that whenever you are performing golf specific movement patterns, that you do them in front of a mirror if at all possible. It will help you monitor any extra body movements like swaying or tilting or excessive moving of your head.

I noticed that I was lifting up and coming out of my rotational posture while swinging the PowerBall. Below is a short video demonstrating the exercise and movement pattern:

Did you notice the difference.  It is subtle...but makes a big difference when swinging a golf club. Remember, if you are going to perform exercises to improve your rotation in your golf sure to do them properly.

Develop good "Motor Pattern Memory" through consistent properly performed exercises.

Thanks for reading and watching.  This is my first VLOG.

We sincerely appreciate your reading this post.
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Ken Pierce
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Monday, April 14, 2014

"Swing Your Swing"

First…Congratulations to Bubba Watson on winning his second Green Jacket at The Masters.

I saw a commercial recently that carried the voice of Mr. Arnold Palmer, “The King”. It was for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Mr. Palmer, said, “Swing Your Swing. Not someone else’s. Not the one you wish you had. No, swing your swing…..I did”. A black and white video clip of his swing from the 1960’s demonstrated that indeed his swing was his and his alone.

Bubba Watson
was definitely swinging his swing well before any commercial encouraged him to. His swing isn’t what any of us would call conventional, but this past weekend he proved that his swing works pretty well. He swung his swing just 280 times to repeat his 2012 triumph at The Masters with a winning score of eight-under-par.

Certainly every golfer has a unique swing. Coincidentally, every golfer has a unique way of approaching the game and the way their swing affects their score. Arnold Palmer, Bubba Watson and every professional golfer who ever gripped a club have spent years practicing, improving and tweaking their swing to get the best outcome to win tournaments and earn the most money possible.

Since you and I will probably never win a professional tournament, nor earn large sums of money playing golf, our dedication and commitment to practicing and repeating our swing has to come from wanting to play better and enjoying the game more. Maybe if you enjoy the game more, you will play better. It’s kind of a Chicken or the Egg theory.

By the way, Mr. Palmer said “Swing Your Swing” not “Hit That Ball”.

I found this amusing video with some helpful tips to practice no matter how you swing the club. The emphasis is on the Swing….Not on hitting the ball.  Do you hit the ball or swing the club?

I hope you enjoy it.

Ken Pierce
Creator & President, GolfGym LLC
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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Try This 31 Day Challenge at Just 3 Minutes A Day

I'm Doing It....How About You?
I wrote a blog post in November of last year how proud I was to be Down 80 Pounds. No, I haven't completely fallen off the wagon, but over the past 2 months I have gained back a few pounds (just a few) and I have gotten out of my consistent workout routine. You know the excuses...the Holidays, the weather, etc. I can't blame "cabin fever" because we live in snow here.

So, here is what I am doing to get myself back on track and I would like for you to join me. I will post a new 3 minute workout video every day for the entire month of March.  Thirty-One (31) Days in March x 3 minutes a day = 93 total minutes. Three minutes a day of simple, but challenging workouts that everyone can perform. If you do these with me for 31 straight days...I guarantee you (and I) will feel a little better, maybe look a little better, and most likely play golf a little better.
Challenge Yourself!
Help Your Golf Game in Just 3 Minutes a Day.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from GolfGym

Vicki and I want to wish all of our followers and GolfGym friends a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season and a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014.

Here is our Christmas wish for you.

Thank You all for a Successful 2013

Ken & Vicki Pierce

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weighted Training Clubs - A Heavy Topic

I belong to several LinkedIn Groups, most of which are related to golf, sports or fitness in general.  These groups regularly have "discussions" stated by a group member who is looking to elicit comments and open dialogue between the members.

Recently, a discussion was started regarding the use of a Weighted Club as a warm up tool. The person starting the discussion related a study done by experts and a video which included Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, the founders of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). In the video it was asserted that swinging a weighted club just before playing will decrease your distance throughout the round. The reason, they claimed, is that it affects your swing speed negatively.
This opened the floodgates for comments from fitness professionals, golf teachers, me and many others who had similar or contrary thoughts on the subject.  I pointed out that in the best selling book by the late Harvey Penick, "Harvey Penick's Little Red Book" he said the following in his Chapter titled "Heavy Clubs": "Every golfer from young adult through Seasoned Citizens, should own a heavy practice club that weighs at least 22 ounces". He went on to say, "Swing the weighted club the night before a round, not in the morning before you tee off.  Save your strength for the golf course".

Many can argue that a weighted club should or should not be used for warming up just before playing, but it can't be denied that it is a great training tool to help golfers groove a swing and can help just a little with flexibility.  Allow me to demonstrate a very good workout using a weighted club..

What do you think?

Good Luck with your training.

Ken Pierce
Inventor of the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Official - 80 Pounds Gone!

Yes, as embarrassed as I am to say it, this was me about 7 years ago. I tipped the scale at 327 pounds.
Because I am 6'-2" tall, everyone used to tell me that I carried it well. Oh, I carried it alright. At the time, the picture above didn't look so incredibly bad to me, because I saw that same physique every day in the mirror. It wasn't until I got into better shape that I realized how huge I was back then.

I went from a chubby kid to a very athletic person, back to a very, very chubby grown man. I got myself in fantastic shape (in 1968) while refereeing amateur ice hockey and teaching at the Jim Campbell Power Skating Hockey School at the Wagon Wheel Lodge in Rockton, Illinios (just north of my home town of Chicago).

It was actually very simple, I loved hockey and would do anything to get on the ice. From driving into the city to play a game at 4am in a cold Rainbow Arena to refereeing a Mite Game (7-8 year olds) at 6:30am at the Elmhurst YMCA outdoor rink in 20 below zero weather. Yes, it is true that lips and tongues will stick to a metal whistle at that temperature. I went on to become a professional ice hockey official for 9 years and loved every minute of it.

Ok...enough of strolling down memory lane, I am now in the best overall shape of my life, especially being 64 years old.  Here is a more recent picture of me. Although I am not ready to go shirtless just yet.
I am now at 247 pounds and moving towards my goal weight of 227. That would be 100 pounds down. It is getting a bit more challenging to drop the pounds, but I am committed. AND...I realize that with all the exercise I do every day, from golf specific to general conditioning, it is the food intake that makes weight loss possible. The old adage is true, "Garbage In - Garbage Out".

I'll admit, this post is very much about me patting myself on the back for my success, but it is also about inspiring you to dedicate yourself to something you love (golf?), and doing the things that will help you play better.

We have created some simple 3 Minute Workouts that will work if you just dedicate the time.  At the time of this post, there are three (3) of them on the GolfGym Website with more coming each week.
In the picture above, I am using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer which I invented in 1986. I use it  every day to get my golf specific training in.  It is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes.

Thank you for reading this post and sharing in my journey.  Please visit our website for more ways that you can get in better shape for golf.

Ken Pierce
President GolfGym LLC

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Moved Our Blog to

Dear GolfGym Fans,

Thank you to all of our loyal followers.

The reason you haven't seen a blog here in a while is that we moved all of our new posts to

Please check out all of our new offerings there.

Because of the inconvenience, we are offering a 10% discount on all of our products at the GolfGym website.  Be sure to use the Promotion Code: GGBLOG in the Promo Code Box at Check Out.

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Monday, August 05, 2013

A Simple Drill To Get The Feeling Of A Strong Golf Swing Follow Through

In this video I am going to show you a simple and effective golf swing drill, exercise or movement pattern to help you get the feeling of an extended follow through in your golf swing.

I want to stress the word "Feeling" because I believe feeling a movement is the only way to ingrain that movement pattern into your golf swing.

I created this simple and easy drill to help get the feeling of the extended follow through. Get in a good golf stance an arms length away from a stationary item (car roof, wall, shelf). Stand perpendicular to stationary item. Simply extend your left arm straight out about shoulder high or slightly below. From your good golf posture, extend your right hand along your left forearm all the way until your fingers are touching. If you can't get the full extension....keep working at it to gain more and more flexibility.

Be sure to rotate your hips to allow for a complete rotation and extension. This is a great drill to add to your golf fitness routine. Be sure to do the same drill on the other side to balance off the body.

You can perform this simple drill in the parking lot at the golf course before you get to the clubhouse. Use the top of your car, or if you have an SUV, use the base of the side window.  You will really feel a nice stretch ans extension.  Good luck with this one.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Facebook, Twitter, Social Media? Try Talking. It Works Wonders!

In these blog posts, I always try to impart some superior knowledge to our adoring fans in order for them to have an incredible golf experience through simple golf conditioning and training.

What's don't agree? Oh, that I would like that to be true. But the real truth is that I struggle sometimes with what to write about that will be informative and helpful.

Today, I want to veer off off the golf specific trail and pass along an experience I had this morning that made me stop and think about what my purpose is in life, and why I am writing this blog.

I belong to, and frequent, a gym in Stuart, Florida, fairly close to where Vicki and I live. I start my workout on the treadmill for a warm up and to wake up (I get there at about 5:15 am).  As I do my 10 or so minutes of warm up, I observe the other morning gym rats as they go through their routines.
One particular young man has been there every morning in which I have gone. I'll call him James.  James is a very big man and has been steadily losing weight and it really shows. As of this morning, he is down over 125 pounds, having started at a little over 450 pounds.

When I first saw him about a year ago, I noticed that he walked sluggishly around the gym as he made his way to the next machine, then the next. It would be easy to say, "Heck, I would walk sluggishly too if I weighed that much".  I saw it differently.

One day, several months ago,I walked up to him and told him how I noticed he was losing weight and congratulated him on his incredible commitment to being there every day. I then passed along a tip which I had heard a while back that affected me positively.  I told him to consider "Walking faster with his head up".  I told him that adding a little bit of giddy-up to his gate would make him feel better and possibly help him workout more purposefully.

From that day forward, he has been flying around that gym and actually looks more dedicated.  Man, what a great sage am I?  No, it was that I just talked to him and wanted him to feel better about himself (having been in a similar situation myself a while back).

Today, as I was in the parking lot getting on our Honda GoldWing to head home, James was walking to his truck. I stopped him and told him again how great he was looking and asked how much weight he had lost.  He stopped and with a big smile told me the number. He beamed with as much pride as a golfer would as he told how he broke 80 for the first time in his life.

We talked for about 10 minutes.  I asked him a few questions about his nutrition and his family and he just talked. I passed along a few ideas that worked for me and he was very appreciative.

As the conversation wound down and we both turned to get to our vehicles, he turned back to me and said, "Thank you for talking to me". My first reaction was, "sure, no problem...I talk to everyone".  But a few seconds later it hit me.  I had this rush of feelings that maybe I was the only person in a long time who would engage someone like him in a meaningful conversation and actually be interested in what he thought or felt. On the other hand, maybe he just a nice guy and wanted to thank me...that's all.  It was the way he said it that makes me think the former.

I love to engage people...all people, and help where I can.  That's probably why I write these posts.

Now get our there and talk to someone.  You may make their day!

Ken Pierce
 Ken & Vicki Pierce

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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Russian Twist Without Chubby Checkersky

Wikipedia definition:
The Russian Twist is a type of exercise that is used to work the abdomen muscles by performing a twisting motion on the abdomen. The exercise is believed by those who practice it to build explosiveness in the upper torso, which may help in sports such as swimming, baseball, track & field, hockey, golf, lacrosse, or boxing.

For we golfers, the Russian Twist can be a really great exercise to develop rotation and help with flexibility. It can be preformed in several ways, but a really good way is on a Balance or Stability Ball.

In this video we demonstrate it using a 65cm ball and an 8 pound double handled ball (PowerBall). Try this one.  The key is to keep you butt engaged and your head facing forward the entire time.  This exercise will also strengthen your "core" and improve rotation for a more solid golf stance and swing.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Fix The 3 "Death Moves" That KILL Power And Distance

Let's face it...for most golfers, both pros and amateur/recreational golfers, the bottom line is Power and Distance.

Come on, admit it. When you are sitting there in your favorite 19th hole, relaxing, adding up your card to see how much your golfing buddy Hank owes you, do you discuss the great chip shot you made on the dreaded 14th hole...or the wonderful approach shot into the tough green on #3?  HECK NO! All you want to talk about is that 292 yard drive you roped on #18 that helped you birdie the hole and get into Hank's wallet.

Over the past 6 months, working with golf teaching pro and award winning coach Arlen Bento, Jr., I have come to realize that with more awareness of, and concentration on, how the body swings the club, you can improve your swing and add more Power which relates to more Distance. This is done with some simple and easy golf specific movement patterns and exercises.

Over the past 20 years of teaching and coaching, Arlen has identified what he calls the 3 "Death Moves" that will absolutely Kill Power and Distance. These may not be news to you, but if you are not aware that you are doing them, and don't do anything to fix them, you will continue to scratch your head while saying, "Why can't I hit the darn ball any farther?"  Then you head to the nearest (and sometimes the cheapest) golf shop to find the Silver Bullet in a new driver or the dialed in ball that will make all the difference (I see the commercials).

In this video, Arlen and I identify the 3 "Death Moves" and demonstrate how you can totally fix them using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer. Then we demonstrate a secret drill to help Fire Your Hips to add Power and Distance. 

If you practice this drill regularly, you should.... WILL hit the ball farther. Guaranteed! If you have never tried this move ("The Move") you can't help but say, "WOW, I can really feel that!"

Now get to it and get out on the course and do it.  Hank's wallet awaits.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ian Poulter - A Winner Indeed!

Our good friend, Tony Clark, Managing Director/Owner - PlaneSWING®, wrote this insightful article on Ian Poulter. I am re-posting it for all of our followers because it is a great example of how any individual with a vision and the belief that it can be accomplished, can make it happen. Remember these two quotes: "We become what we think about" and "If you think you can or you think you can' are right".  Believe in your game and your ability to improve and you will.  Thanks Tony!

I've met Ian Poulter, albeit briefly, as a result of being a member at Woburn where he is the playing professional and ambassador.
The aura of confidence and single-mindedness he displays means Ian might not appeal to everyone but I like him.

That opinion is shaped by my limited knowledge of his background, the work I know he does for junior golf and charities and conversations I've had with people that know him far better than me.

By contrast, I've also endured BS about Ian from people who display nothing but envy. You know who you are!

Ian is 36-years-old. He turned professional 20 years ago when his handicap was four and he was a good club golfer but, arguably, nothing special.

But Ian had a dream: to make a success of his life and prove his teachers wrong.

"All my life I've been told I'd never amount to anything," he recalls. "That was always the message from my teachers at school. I wanted to be a footballer but that didn't work out either. But, yeah, I just love proving people wrong. It gives me the motivation to succeed."

Teachers take note - you make or break our leaders of tomorrow.

With no amateur career to speak of Ian pursued his dream of being a successful tour pro. He was an assistant professional at Chesfield Downs, a modest club where, it seems, he received little encouragement.

I'm sure Ian's self-belief wasn't unshakable - we all have bad days. But it was undoubtedly stronger than most - as he has proved so spectacularly.

Now, when kids and adults alike look at Ian Poulter, what do they see?

That's for them to answer. What I see is a self-made man in the truest sense of the word.

Not only has Poulter worked his butt off to get his game to a level where he competes with the best in one of the most competitive sports in the world, he's done so with a metaphorical foot on his head trying to keep him down.

His persona is not an accident in my view. He's made some excellent strategic marketing decisions that ensure he remains at the forefront of golfing news.

People ridiculed the remark he made about his ability (there's that collective metaphorical foot again) when he told Golf World (UK) in March 2008: "Don't get me wrong, I really respect every professional golfer, but I know I haven't played to my full potential and when that happens, it will be just me and Tiger."

Was it hype or did he mean it? I hope it was both!

So after 12 years we've seen Ian Poulter the golfer, marketer and, through his junior golf and charitable works, the philanthropist.Always a snappy and trendy dresser, Ian created IJP Design several years ago and launched a clothing range every bit as controversial, and to a great extent retro, as he is. Enter Ian Poulter the entrepreneur.

All of which makes him appear a magical blend of Doug Sanders, Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Paul Getty.

Add to this the fact that Ian actually has a wonderful family, spending as much time as he can with Katie and their FOUR children. Enter Ian Poulter the family man.

Undoubtedly Ian has a great team around him. No one person could manage everything that goes on in his life. So we can now add 'time management' and 'delegation' to his skill set. Stand up Ian Poulter the CEO!

Furthermore, while Ian was one of Europe's 12 sporting heroes in the Ryder Cup at Medinah, he was acknowledged by his teammates as the Leader - someone who thrives on pressure; the aggressive home supporters unwittingly his driving force. Someone should have warned them not to put a metaphorical foot on his head!

Tony Clark,
Managing Director/Owner - PlaneSWING®

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stronger Legs - More Power - Longer Drives

We all know that our legs are pretty important in the game of golf and to our overall golf fitness. They are important for many reasons. Two main reasons are stability and balance. You can also add power.

If I just got off the tourist rocket from Mars and watched a game of golf...first I would scratch my space helmet and ask the tour guide what the green stuff was, then I would probably make the observation that the club is swung with only the arms and hands...which, unfortunately for some, is definitely the case.

But seriously, strong legs keep us stable, help our balance immensely, and can help us add more power to our golf swings. Strong legs will also help us get through life a little easier while climbing up and down stairs, getting in and out of chairs, and walking 18 holes, to name a few.

Many PGA and LPGA Tour professionals are now doing Olympic type lifting of weights to develop a stronger lower body and more powerful legs...especially deadlifts and squats.

Watch our friend George "The Animal" Slupski with his winning drive in the 2010 RE/Max World Long Drive Championships.  He set the world record that year with a drive of 406 yards. Just watch his leg action.

You may not make it to the Wold Long Drive Championships, but you will play better with stronger legs. Here are some simple squat exercises you can perform at home that can help develop more leg strength. They require a balance ball, a wall and your commitment.

Try these and let me know how you do.  Make it fun!

Thanks for reading!
The GolfGym Team.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Once In A Lifetime Experience

Ten days ago, Vicki and I had the incredible opportunity to share breakfast with, be on the golf course (no ropes) with, have a late lunch with, and watch the Super Bowl with...many of the greatest golfers of all time.

The event was the exclusive Hall of Fame Pro Am for "Devo Strong" at the Floridian Golf Club in Palm City, Florida. The event was to raise money for the recovery and care of Devon Quigley, son of Champions Tour standout Dana Quigley.  Devon suffered severe head and brain injuries in a car accident 14 months ago.  He cannot yet walk or talk but he continues to fight a courageous fight that some doctors thought he'd lose a long time ago.

Read more:

The most wonderful aspect of the entire day was the way the game of golf brought that special "Family/Community" of golfers together to support one of their own.

An incredible day was had by all and we were among a lucky few who got to share in it.  Thank you to Hollis Cavner and our friend Arlen Bento, Jr. for the invitation.

Here are some of our memorable images from that day.
The Four Greatest Hall Of Fame Golfers of All Time
No caption necessary!
Ken & Vicki and Bernhard Langer
Dave Stockton giving a Putting Lesson
The King Teeing Off
Ken & Vicki and Ben Crenshaw
Us with Nick Price
All of the Pros who played that day!
This is the helicopter that took Mr. Palmer to the Stuart Airport so he could board his jet back to Orlando.  What an incredible experience I had there. I stood about 25 yards from the helicopter as it started the engine. I could feel a little breeze as the pilot got ready to take off.  Then, when the rotors angled to lift off, I was almost knocked over from the wind. That was one of the coolest experiences I have ever felt...especially knowing the Mr. Arnold Palmer was inside.

I's kind of sappy, but it was a day that Vicki nor I will ever forget.

Ken & Vicki

Friday, February 01, 2013

Your Posture - Getting Worse Every Day?

Back in September of 2012 I wrote a post titled "How Is Your Posture" (it's the second one on the archived page).  In it I talked about what I have seen as I observed people at the gym.  I gave examples of bad posture and told that I need to keep checking my posture throughout the day.

Well, I am sad to say that yesterday while working many hours on the computer at my desk...I noticed that my posture was horrible. I found myself unconsciously leaning into the monitor with my back rounded and my head leaning down looking at the keyboard (I'm pretty fast, but I have to look at the keys...gotta stop that).

While walking around at the PGA Show last week I also noticed that I look down quite a bit while walking.  I don't know if I am looking for loose change that someone dropped or I am just being lazy about my posture. I really got upset with myself.  Here I am blogging about good posture and I am allowing my own to deteriorate. As soon as I would notice my head down, I would snap into a military type stance with my ears aligned over my shoulders.

Computers, smart phones, iPads and all the other things that require us to look down, are having a big affect on our posture and I think we are not conscious of it...and it's getting worse. On the street, walking at the PGA Show, in the supermarket, nearly everywhere.

If you are not conscious of your posture throughout the day doing normal daily activities, how much do you think you will be aware of it on the golf course. And as we know, poor posture in the golf swing will show up as a "less than your best" performance on the golf course.

Our good friend Roger Fredericks, who is one of the Gurus of Flexibility and Proper Posture for golf, wrote the following on his website:
"In looking at the world today, you've probably noticed that there's an epidemic going on regarding musculeo-skeletal problems. Whether it's back surgeries, hip and knee replacements, upper back and neck problems, etc., the list grows on. Despite the billions of dollars that is spent on these health and fitness problems, the truth is, that the ever growing number of ailments continues to rise. I believe that the root cause of these musculeo-skeletal problems lies in our sedentary culture. In other words, we sit down too much, or over use certain muscles in our bodies. When this happens, our bodies tend to get out of balance, which then gets us out of proper posture. Once the body's structural design is violated, the muscles will often get over (or under) used, and as a result, will get undue stress and friction placed upon them. Hence - Injuries.

Seldom is the "site"of pain - the "source" of the pain. "Just" by working on the injured area isn't always going to get the muscle back to function. Much like a car that's out of alignment causes a tire to go flat, only when the chassis is aligned will the wheel have a chance of rotating properly. The body works just like that."

The bottom line is that we must be conscious of our posture daily in order to ward off neck and back pain and injury, and more importantly, to get the most out of our golf game.
Now stand up straight and "ATTENTION"!!!

Thanks for reading!
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Develop A Wide Take Away for More Power And Distance

Here is a great drill to help you develop the a Wide Take Away using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer.  This drill was inspired by Alana Swain, an instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral Golf Resort in Miami, Florida.

Alana presented a video tip on Revolution concerning the misconception by many of her students as to the proper "Arc" or "Plane" of the take away (back swing) and the down swing. She said that many students think these arcs should be the same. They are not!

The takeaway should be long and wide and the downswing should get more narrow and connected to the body.  The follow through should be the sequence is Wide - Narrow - Wide.

Thanks Alana for the great tip that inspired this drill.

More to Come!
The GolfGym Team

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Sunday, January 06, 2013

I Feel Like Some Punk Just Stole My Golf Clubs

How would you feel if that great set of golf clubs, the ones you absolutely love to play, the ones that you just had re-gripped and keep clean in a special place in the garage or in the trunk of your car ready at a moments notice to fly out the door early on a Saturday morning or when your golfing buddies call with a last minute tee know, those clubs...and the golf bag that your wife gave you for know the one that has all the right pouches and is the color you love, and holds all your clubs in the perfect places to grab confidently as you make your choice of your next shot...
let's not forget your golf shoes that you just bought...the ones that feel great and look even better as you stride down the fairway...I'm talking about the ones that you clean thoroughly and put into their individual shoe bags in that super duper traveling bag to keep perfectly clean for your next round...
oh, and your favorite glove and the special ball marker your Dad gave you on your graduation day which meant so much to you, and which you have been using to mark your ball in every round you've played since college, were also in the bag......

Well, how would you feel if they were all stolen from you by some bleepin' punk?

Well, I can tell stinks!  Yesterday, while testing our website for a new promotion, a BIG RED ALERT Message came up indicating that our website was Hacked and someone added Malicious Software on it. Although we have been online with a website for GolfGym for almost 20 years, to a newcomer to the site, the message screamed that we are bad and that they should leave now and never return.

What kind of person gets their kicks out of destroying someone else's stuff like that?

Luckily, I was able to get to our webmaster immediately and the "all nighter" began.  She immediately sprang into action and after thoroughly researching the problem and determining a serious breach had occurred, started another site so that any remnants of the "bugs" would be destroyed and our excellent ranking in Google would be restored. It feels a little like burning down the house to get rid of the termites...but it had to be done.

We will be working throughout the next few days to get the new site up and running, and I anticipate many more tweaks will need to be done to get the site flowing smoothly.

I guess God was telling us it's time for a new look and feel to our website.  Just like having your clubs stolen, the pain is sharp and makes you mad as heck for a while, but the smell and feel of a brand new set of clubs and shoes may pump some new life into you and your game. Yes, you will miss that special, "one of a kind" ball maker from your Dad, but you'll be sure to replace it with one that, with hope, will reinvigorate the feeling of what that special piece meant to you originally.  I'm getting a little sappy, but that's the only way I can justify the hurt done to us.

I'll let you know when we are up and running at full speed again.

Vicki and I thank all of you who have supported us over all these years. We will continue to do what we are committed to doing...that is, Helping Golfers Play Better to Enjoy The Game More.

Vicki and Ken Pierce

Monday, December 31, 2012

"I Resolve"

The definition of the word Resolve is: "To come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something): "I have resolved that I shall live life to the full."
It's New Years Eve...and it's Resolution Time! Did you keep all of the resolutions you made last year? Come honest!  Well, the good thing is if you did break one or two, you can just get back on the horse and get going again. (If I fell off a horse, I don't know if I would be capable of getting back on it).

Regarding golf and performance and improving same, you must, and I mean must, commit to it and Resolve that you will get on a program and stay with it until you feel the results.  I say "feel" because that's what must happen in order for your mind and body to "get it".  You can only improve your balance if you feel out of balance and work to feel in balance.
You can only get more Golf Fit if you perform routines and exercises that make you feel the difference in your stance, swing, rotation, etc.

When you "Resolve" to do anything, your mind,
and if you believe in the Law of Attraction, the Universe, starts to find things to help you with your mission.

It is our mission the Help Golfers Play Better and Enjoy the Game More...and we are here to help you. If you have any questions about our programs, products, videos or anything we offer on our website, please call us.  Toll free: 1-877-4GOLFGYM. (877-446-5349).

All of us at GolfGym wish you and your family a very Happy, Healthy and Great Golfing 2013!

Ken & Vicki Pierce


Monday, December 24, 2012

Functional Rather Than Perfect

A week ago Saturday, while flipping through some sports channels on TV, I came across an ESPN channel that was broadcasting the 2012 CrossFit Games. "The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness" (quote from their website).
It is a very high intensity workout which includes a wide variety of movements, exercises, weight lifting and endurance tests which are performed against time.  They vary the exercises every day called WOD (Workout Of the Day) and you never know what the workout is until you get to the gym (the "Box" as they call it) that day. The idea is to strengthen your entire body to be functional in any situation.

Critics say that because the exercises are performed to time and perfect form is not required (although there are rules to follow), there is a high probability of injury to the novice who jumps in head first, so to speak, with high intensity while competing for the best time to complete the WOD.
After watching these incredibly fit people compete in these games, I got to thinking about how this relates to golf, if at all, and how your training and playing of the game can be adjusted to be more Functional and maybe not so Perfect. OMG, I can hear the purists screaming at the screen now!

If you think about golf...isn't the main goal to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible? If that is the goal, and if we can glean some strategy from the theory behind the CrossFit model, then we should train our bodies and our golf swing to be more functional rather than perfect.

This is a bit of a tease...because over the next several weeks, we will be demonstrating exercises and golf swing movements that are designed to be more Functional Rather Than Perfect.

I really want to hear from you with comments or questions.  This is going to be fun! 

Tomorrow is Christmas and our GolfGym Family wishes You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas, a Wonderful Holiday Season and look forward to a Fit, Fun and Fantastic New Year!

More to come soon!
The GolfGym Team

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The "Scrunch Drill" with Arlen Bento, Jr.

This is our GolfGym Swing Tip #3 in the series we are doing with Arlen Bento, Jr.

In this video, Arlen demonstrates what he calls The "Scrunch Drill". After working on the golf swing with #1 the "Begin With the Follow Through" drill, then #2 the "Toe Drill", Arlen takes us into the movement from short back swing to impact then to follow through. You can work on these simple golf fitness and golf swing drills at home or in your office. Great to do with the PowerSwing Trainer too.


All great golfers get into this position as they are moving into impact. Their swings happen so fast that it is difficult to see that position at full speed, but they do it. A really good example of that movement in an exaggerated fashion is Paula Creamer. Here she is already past impact, but believe me, if you have ever seen Paula swing...she definitely gets Scrunched.

Here is a the great Byron Nelson demonstrating the Scrunch that he performed in his swing. Thanks to Historic Golf Photos: for this great image.
 So...Scrunch your way to a better swing!
Thanks for watching.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Golf Pain Away

This is a quick post about a really great product that my wife and I use regularly.  As we age, there just seems to be a few more aches and pains that come with everyday life, and more if you are working out or playing sports...especially golf!

Arlen Bento, Jr. and I did a short promo piece for Golf Pain Away because we love the product and know it can help just about everyone. It's made from all natural oils (from Australia) and it really does relieve your pain!

It is great as a stocking stuffer for the Holidays.

Click Here to lean more about Golf Pain Away.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The "Bent Toe Drill" with Arlen Bento

Here is a simple and fun drill to help you "Feel" your golf swing moving from a short takeaway to a strong follow through. This unique drill was designed by Arlen Bento, Jr. many years ago and he has used it to help new golfers as well as those of us who have been playing golf for most of our lives.

The drill is easy to do, but takes some concentration and may need a few "tries" to get the correct feel. This will help with balance, body movement, club position at impact and getting to your left side (for right handed golfers...lefties, switch it around). From a golf club to using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer (for resistance) this drill can really help to build a strong base for your complete swing and a great ball striking platform.

Instead of me trying to explain it more... just go ahead and watch the video, have fun and "feel" the results. By the way, this was my first time doing the exercise/drill and it was fun.  I am headed to the range this afternoon and will shoot some video of me performing the drill while hitting balls. Wish me luck!

This drill is easy to do at home or on the range.  Give it a try and you will see what I mean about being a little bit of a challenge with a good feeling outcome.

Thanks for watching!
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p.s. Got some Pains from all that golf you are playing?  Try a great product that really works... works!  It's called Golf Pain Away. Nick Price loves it!